Biomass power plant with installed capacity of 5000 kw in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky town, Kyiv region

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construction of biomass power plant
Heat power engineering
Kyiv region, Ukraine


Biomass power plant with installed capacity of 5000 kw in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky town, Kyiv region

In 2016-2018, SOYUZ Corporation as the General Contractor successfully implemented the project "Construction of the power plant using biofuel with the installed capacity of 5000 kW in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kyiv Oblast”, one of the most modern power plants in Ukraine using biofuel as an alternative, renewable energy source and which provides the state strategy of Ukraine on achieving energy independence. Increased construction of biofuel power plants will allow Ukraine not to remain alarmingly dependent on fossil fuel imports.

The executed works were as follows: 

    installation of a steam boiler of 18 MW capacity with a utilization factor of more than 90 per cent, which will work on biofuel – chipped wood. The boiler equipment consists of a Wartsila Boiler, manufactured on a Biograte wood grate and equipped with a super-heater and water economizer; draught system, which includes a forced-flow fan, an induced-draft fan and an induced-draft fan for flue gas recirculation, manufactured by HALIFAX FAN Inc.; KSB charging pumps.

    installation of the turbine equipment consisting of a turbine-generator set including FR13M2-15 TRIVENI turbine with a torque converter  and an AvK synchronous generator, type DIG150m/4, manufactured by AvK Deutschland Gmbh & Co.KG; condenser, oil cooling system and closed cooling system, which include plate recirculating airflow enclosures with fans and KSB circulating and condensate pumps.

    installation of a fuel preparation and fuel supply system, which provides for possibility of working with chipped wood, both of its own production and imported, which includes a flaker structure, a chipped wood receiving unit, fuel stores and conveyors.

    performance tuning:

  • Debugging of software for PLC and LMI;
  • Adjustment of channels of measurement and control;

  • Adjustment of electricity distribution systems;

  • Tests and commissioning.

All equipment that will operate at the newly built power plant is purchased in the UK and concerning emissions into the air; it meets the strict Euro-5 standards (the highest current standard of safety in Ukraine for carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere).