Rction of turbine generator TGV–200 at 5 of DTEK Burshtyn CHP.

PJSC DTEK Zakhidenergo
Reconstruction of turbine generator TGV–200 and thyristor excitation system at power unit No. 5
Heat power industry
2013 -2015


Rction of turbine generator TGV–200 at 5 of DTEK Burshtyn CHP.

 At the commission of "Zakhidenergo" OJSC, SOYUZ Corporation has committed to perform work on reconstruction of turbogenerator and its thyristor excitation system at power unit No. 5 of DTEK Burshtyn CHP.

During the reconstruction of the turbogenerator at the power unit No. 5 the following works were performed at specified contract terms:

Reconstruction of turbogenerator TGV-200

To ensure increase of the turbogenerator the following actions were performed:

  • complete replacement of the stator windings and recovery of active iron characteristics at the site of Burshtyn CHP;

  • reconstruction of the rotor at the production site of manufacturing plant;

  • drafted the replacement of hydrogen cooling of the stator winding by water cooling, as well as replacement of generator excitation system.

 Excitation system UNITROL 6800

  • сompleted installation of excitation system;

  • сompleted reconstruction of backup exciter choice control with replacement of DC disconnectors and protective cabinet;

  • сompleted installation of excitation transformer protection system and interface connection with the main control unit;

Specific feature of the excitation system reconstruction was providing possibility, at the commission of the station, of the system operation in asynchronous mode.