OHL 110 kV of SPP "Soniachna – Kiliia"

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Execution of construction, installation and pre-commissioning works at OHL 110 kV of SPP "Soniachna – Kiliia" and at transformer annex of SS 110 kV "Soniachna – Kiliia"
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OHL 110 kV of SPP "Soniachna – Kiliia"

 SOYUZ Corporation has completed the construction and commissioning works on the near-station site of 110 kV Soniachna – Kiliia SS in Odessa region as a part of the Energy of Nature national project. The Company has made the installation of two 110 kV power transformers TRDN-40000/110-U1 with capacity of 40 MVA. 110 kV open switchgear was mounted; indoor switchgear building KRPZ-10 and substation control room were constructed. Double-circuit 110 kV overhead line was also built from the transformer annex to 110 kV Kiliia SS with a length of 9.5 km.

A transformer annex was built for the solar power plant that will generate electricity by means of solar panels. Electricity generated by the station will be transmitted to the transformer annex to rise here up to 110 kV and will be fed into the public grid at 110 kV Kiliia SS by power line.

In 2011, in Ukraine the implementation of Energy of Nature national project is started. Due to this project 5 billion kW/h of pollution-free energy will be produced annually within 25 years. As a result, even before the 2014 the part of renewable energy sources in the national energy production will increase from 0.04 % to 3 %. 

Construction of solar power stations will create new jobs in the region, will fund the local budget, and will provide a complete energy independence from the receipt of electricity from neighboring Moldova.