Construction of SS 750/330 kV "Kakhovska"

SE NPC Ukrenergo
Construction of substation 750/330 kV "Kakhovska", supply and installation of AT2 1000 MVA, automated process control system, relay protection and automation systems, as well as construction of related infrastructure
Power industry


Construction of SS 750/330 kV "Kakhovska"

In 2014, SOYUZ Corporation has started the construction of Kakhovska Substation 750/330 kV within the framework of the national Energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030 under project financing by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Construction project owner is Ukrenergo National Power Company. Kakhovska Substation 750/330 kV is new construction of substations of this type in Ukraine. The transformer’s installed capacity is 1000 MVA.

The works are performed in strict compliance with quality standards and safety regulations:

- ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

- DIN and IEC standards.

- DEABB GP 81 Project Implementation Sequence.

In October 2016, the «Work Complete Certificate» at SS 750/330kV «Kakhovska» has been signed.

The constructed Substation 750/330 kV will significantly increase the energy efficiency of the Zaporizhzhia NPP, the stability of energy supply to the Southern region of the country, the level of energy efficiency of the power transmission system and ensure compatibility with the European system.