КНС 6B, КНС 7А ukr building

Communal Enterprise "Agency for Development Programs of Odessa" of the Odessa City Council
Design, construction, pre-commissioning works, delivery, installation and commissioning of a new pump station
Municipal infrastructure


КНС 6B, КНС 7А ukr building

As part of the «Project of reconstruction of the trunk part of wastewater system in South Basin for Odessa sewerage» implemented by means of the World Bank loan allocated for Ukraine «Development of urban infrastructure», Soyuz Corporation (Corporation of manufacturing and commercial enterprises) as the leader of an international consortium has built two new modern high-performance fully automatic sewage pumping stations – KNS-6B and KNS-7A.

The maximum design capacity of sewage pumping station KNS-7A is 10 000 m3 per hour, for KNS-6B this value is 15 000 m3 per hour. Features of local topography and the depth of the trunk sewers have led to the fact that the underground part of KNS-6B was built by the slurry wall method with a depth of 14 m, and an underground part of the KNS-7A has a depth of 23 m. These sewer plants together with a deep-lying gravity collector with a length of 1,6 km and pressure header with a length of more than 3 km are the main sewer trunk of Odessa Southern Basin which completely ensures the collection and pumping of wastewater of the center and the southern part of the city to the South wastewater treatment plants.

Due to the construction of such a powerful sewer lines, a long-standing environmental problem of rain water discharge into the Black Sea in Arcadia region was solved. The capacity of the old sewage pumping stations in this area was not enough for efficient pumping of a powerful flow of rainwater, and rainwater flowed by gravity into the sea in the beach area.

Sewage pumping station 6B and 7A completely replaced the old low-powered pumping stations which were built more than 40 years ago.